Reculver is proud to be certified to the ISO 9001-2008 international quality standard by the Swiss authority Société Générale de Surveillances (SGS).

Development Services

Reculver is a specialist developer of software for its domains of expertise, and can provide consulting expertise derived from many year's experience with them.

Reculver has developed and installed such systems for clients across a wide area of applications. We offer our clients not only a sound technical knowledge of information technology, but also wide exposure to the needs of our varied clients.

Maintenance Services

Reculver clients typically rely upon their specialised systems as a core part of their business, and serious, professional support is critical. Reculver offers to its clients a comprehensive support arrangement to meet their individual needs.

We have designed our annual contracted support on the assumption that most operational problems are by their nature critical. If they do not always prevent work from continuing, then at a minimum they cause significant interference and loss of productivity. Early resolution of the problem is always desirable.

For this reason, we offer an 'on demand' response. Our support staff are available for immediate assistance during working hours (8:30 am to 6:00 pm, CST) to all supported clients.  Extended hours support is organised by negotiation.

Where further technical input is required, we will immediately pull a developer away from their current task and assign them to service this call. If there is no suitable person in our office at the time, we will contact the appropriate staff wherever they are, and they will attend to the call immediately.

This procedure ensures that operational problems receive precedence over all other activities and ensures the fastest possible response. Most times the response will be immediate. This applies at all times of the year.

Annual Support Contract

The services covered under an annual support contract include:

  • Problem resolution by telephone, whether caused by operator error; program bug, hardware failure, "not our fault but them over there", or any other cause. No finger-pointing.
  • Error correction to all supported software as necessary.
  • A minimum of two site visits per year by our staff to review our performance with you and to help resolve any minor accumulated problems.
  • Unlimited number of hours of support. Minor software modifications free of charge (but not development or re-writes of an application).
    Major software modifications quoted at our lowest rate.
  • Implicit guarantee that someone will be made available to resolve a problem regardless of inconvenience to us.
  • Guarantee that at least one member of our staff will retain knowledge of your software and operations.

Code and Documentation Retention

We are happy to arrange for code and documentation lodgement, either with yourselves, or as you determine. This provides you with assurance that your vital software is always accessible and supportable.

Reculver is committed to growth and export through Research and Development, and to remaining at the forefront of technology.