About Us

Reculver Processing Services specialises in Trusted Systems in their various forms, especially for larger or more complex organisations.

Founded in 1989, Reculver develops and supplies applications software, support and domain expertise in:

  • Revenue Management systems for government and large corporate Treasury applications.
  • Cheque and digital remittance processing systems
  • Distributed front counter services and cash receipting with our flagship GRL product

Our major focus is on larger clients in the government, health, and corporate areas.

We maintain a firm commitment to quality and standards.


At Reculver, in England, on the edge of the encroaching sea are the ruins of a church founded about A.D. 669 by Egbert, King of Kent, within the walls of the third-century fort erected against the pirate raids of Egbert’s ancestors. Evidence of the Roman fort, called Regulbium by the Romans, may be seen in the red bricks or tiles used in the walls of the church. So long had the twin towers been valued as a landmark for navigation – known as the Two Sisters, or to seamen as the Reculvers – that they were taken over for preservation by Trinity House in 1809 when the rest of the church was demolished.

Reculver's quarter century of similarly robust and reliable service continues to follow the inspiration of its namesake.