General Features

GRL is the high-end solution for the most demanding network receipting requirements.

No matter the complexity of your organisation, GRL is designed to handle the need.

Consider advanced features like these:

All-Points Hardware Security:

A convenient proximity sensor is supplied with each and every copy of GRL, which senses cashier security tags. Without a valid tag, and appropriate permissions for the cashier, no-one accesses GRL receipting.

Smart Reading:

You can define any number of readable document types using OCR (Optical Character Reading) or MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). GRL will automatically recognise any defined document being swiped, and do the sensible thing. Swipe a cheque, and GRL will pop up the cheque payment mode box and populate the fields it has read. Swipe any remittance and GRL will pop up the box for that item and prompt for any needed data.

Remote Administration:

You can administer all cashiers throughout the network, adding, modifying and deleting cashiers in remote offices all from a central site. 

Many Names, Many Places - Worldly Wise:

GRL supports the concept of locations. You can define and maintain differing locations under differing organisation names and with different receipt layouts and messages. Define cashiers by location. And send received payments data to any number of back-end mainframes.

Serene Independence:

We all know that networks won't fail, and that you can rely on the central servers always being there. Haven't we been told? However, when the network does vanish from sight, GRL will continue to run regardless, with automatic re-synchronisation once the network reappears. Don't turn paying customers away just because the network is down!

Custom Fit:

Of course your organisation may need changes to the functionality. Most larger users do. That's why there's a huge variety of customising options and tables which can be tailored to fit you like a glove.

Electronic Journal:

All activities on a register are recorded to an electronic journal on the local disk. You can review the activities on a register for any earlier time, or search for any occurrence (text item, name, receipt number etc). Music to the auditors' eyes, and relief to an over-stressed cashier! This is one of the most-loved features of GRL.


GRL is no "new kid on the block"... It was launched in 1989, and developed a remarkable sophistication for its time. After long evolution, adding ever more features for its demanding users, GRL was entirely re-built as a Windows application to make the most of that environment, including all of the great features of the original GRL, and adding many new ones. Call it pedigree.


Active cashiers per register: Unlimited
Number of registers overall: Unlimited
Number of locations overall: Unlimited
Operating environments: Windows 7