GRL Receipting system

GRL is designed for larger corporate and government organisations, universities and utilities who receive payments over the counter, typically over geographically widespread networks. These organisations have a need to:

  • accept complex payments,
  • perform validation and collection of supporting data,
  • store the captured data and distribute it to target mainframe systems,
  • control credit card acceptance, cashier security and data across the network,
  • and continue to provide smooth operation when the network is down.

GRL supports the specialised devices which are often needed to handle high-volume receipting, such as OCR, MSR, MICR (Optical Character, Magnetic Stripe, Magnetic Ink) and bar code reading. Ease-of-use is a prime design consideration of the application. Payments may be processed and relevant information recorded with a minimal number of key strokes.

Especially important is GRL's ability to support Wide Area Networks - that is, to communicate from registers located across a state or country back to a central office. GRL handles such enquiries and data transmission in background mode, without affecting normal operations. GRL provides for consolidation and batch transmission of received payments to host computers.

GRL is a "shrink-wrapped" software package which includes great configurability. Because larger users tend to have unique requirements, these can be set up using the very extensive parameter tables provided with GRL, without needing to change the core program. Many of these options can be configured by the system administrator, using the special GRL Maintenance application, also included with GRL.

A full set of electronic documentation is available on CD. This includes manuals, technical notes, training guide and installation data. These can be printed directly if required, or can be modified to suit the individual needs of the organisation.

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