Reporting, Auditing & Management Control

It's not enough to take payments across the network reliably and securely. In a multiple location, multiple agency situation the issues of Reporting, Auditing and Management Control are key. How do you ensure that all moneys taken balance with the transaction data on file, and how do you allocate funds back to different back-end computers?

GRL provides a full set of management reports to:

  • allow a manager to review the day's activities,
  • summarise what is to be transferred to back-end mainframes,
  • locate and rectify anomalies and errors, and
  • report all balancing figures for tight audit and management control.

GRL does not use date/time in its algorithms for such things as close-off, end of day balancing or transaction searching, in order to provide independence from time-zone issues. This means that GRL is not fazed by dispersed networks crossing multiple date/time zones.