RPS Payment Processing

Providing efficient, same day processing of all mailed payments for large South Australian businesses and Government departments.

The Organisation

RPS Payment Processing provides a facility to handle all mail and agency payments on behalf of client organisations. This includes the complete processing and banking of payments made through the mail, at a cost roughly a third of that charged by over-the-counter agents such as banks.

The major focus of RPS Payment Processing is on larger clients in the government (local, state and federal), utilities, and financial areas. Its area of expertise is high-speed remittance processing workstations, and cheque encoders. They provide "locked-bag" processing for key clients, running a bureau in Belair which outsources the whole inwards mail payment processing.

The Challenge

Several large organisations found that processing mailed payments in-house was impossibly hard to manage. Peaks and troughs of work, due to regulated quarterly and annual milestone dates, as well as varied invoice and payment cycles, were a nightmare to deal with. Also, the cost of having to maintain the infrastructure and staff to service such a facility was considerable.

Benefits Delivered

  • optimal cash flow by banking all payments the same day, regardless of numbers
  • reduced staffing and floor space requirements.
  • opportunity to further streamline ancillary operations.
  • rigorous reporting and balancing prior to update of back-end systems.


"The capability and capacity which Reculver Processing Services have provided have been extremely reliable and effective. The service and support we receive is second to none."
Irene Cannella, Commercial Manager, Advertiser Newspapers Pty Ltd